3 pack - Pulao Plectrum (chambered, short)

3 pack - Pulao Plectrum (chambered, short)

Pulao Plectrum are advanced picks designed for guitarists.

You have two styles of plectrum to choose from, "solid" or "chambered", each of which produce a unique tonal quality, pick attack, and feel. Each pick style has two tip radii. You choose 0.70mm/3.00mm or 2.00mm/5.00mm.

As a guitar player of over 40 years, I've taken great care to design a range of picks that bring enjoyment and creativity to the playing experience. Grab a pulao plectrum, and you'll immediately feel it register to your fingertips creating a more tactile response in your playing.

Approximate dimensions:
28mm (length) x 22mm (width) x 3mm (height)