Our Kickstarter campaign is finally here! A lot of hard work has gone toward the task of producing Oubie Loopmore efficiently. Your contribution to this campaign will help to keep production right here in the United States, and greatly enhance our ability to get Oubie Loopinto more people's hands. It will also help us to continue innovating, and helping the community with other products developed here at Copper Kerf.


Oubie Loop is now officially PATENT PENDING!

A lot of effort has gone into making this happen. From the multitude of sincere and happy customers who cheered me on and sent me words of encouragement, to the professionals that guided me through the actual process.

It finally all came together. There are exciting new opportunities that this will bring, and I'll share them with you all as we continue together on this journey.

Thank you all for your continued support. From my family to yours!